Some of Andreas Müller’s fondest memories of growing up in Sweden revolve around food, from foraging for mushrooms to picking potatoes for his aunt’s potato salad to watching his grandmother cook applesauce and his mom bake bread. He was exposed to fresh, homegrown fruits and vegetables...

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at a young age, which ignited his passion for cooking.“We ate potatoes six days a week, and they are still the best potatoes I have ever tasted,” recalls Müller. “Our meals weren’t fancy, but they were delicious and down-to-earth. When we went to my grandmother’s house, however, she would put out a huge spread – shrimp sandwiches, five different cheeses, and always a cured leg of lamb. And she had a beautiful garden with apples and plums.”

This blending of rural and refined culinary influences from both sides of his family makes Müller the perfect candidate to helm the kitchen at Revival, where he uses precise techniques and farm-fresh ingredients to elevate the traditional Southern family-style suppers that chef/owner Kevin Gillespie experienced as a child.

Despite originating from very different parts of the world, both chefs have a lot in common when it comes to their family traditions and early culinary influences. Gillespie has relied upon Müller to help him carry out his culinary visions at previous restaurants, and Müller’s flawless communication skills and established relationships with many small urban farmers will help him succeed once again in his latest post.

A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Atlanta, Müller first worked under Gillespie as chef de partie at Woodfire Grill. He spent over two years at the restaurant, learning the ropes of fine dining. After departing Woodfire Grill, Müller took on sous chef roles at Atlanta restaurants 4th & Swift and H. Harper Station before re-joining Gillespie at Gunshow as a “kitchen dude.” At Gunshow, Müller mastered the art of timing and enjoyed creating menus with ever-changing ingredients while building long-lasting relationships with local farmers.

Gillespie and Müller already feel like family, and Müller likens his post at Revival to that of a house manager who upholds the property. “We have a big garden in the front of the restaurant that the whole team is involved in, and I'm relying on a lot of those herbs and produce in the kitchen. It all fits together beautifully.”

Müller's goals for the future of Revival are focused on building a strong foundation for the restaurant so that it can flourish within the Decatur community. “I really want to grow some roots; I want Revival to be part of Decatur for many years to come.”

Müller resides in the Inman Park neighborhood of Atlanta with his girlfriend, Chrysta, and their two dogs. When he isn’t manning the Revival kitchen, he enjoys being outside – biking, hiking, swimming and exploring farmers markets.



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Southern cuisine was never on Nicole Edwards’ radar until she arrived in Atlanta. “I wasn’t expecting to enjoy cooking Southern food so much,” Edwards laughs at the unexpected path her culinary career has taken. “Now I love reading classic cookbooks with recipes that sound like they’re straight from a great-grandmother’s table...

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...Those are the same types of recipes from Kevin’s [Gillespie] childhood that inspire the food at Revival.”

Edwards considers one of the biggest highlights of working at Revival to be the tight-knit, welcoming community of people who work at the restaurant. Passionate about finding new ways to create flavor profiles and present her food, she aims to strengthen both her culinary and management abilities while collaborating with Gillespie.

Prior to arriving at Revival in the spring of 2017, Edwards worked at Gillespie’s Gunshow and credits the restaurant for pushing her past her creative comfort zone. “When I first started at Gunshow, my ideas grew out of things I had seen at other restaurants but didn’t have a hand in, and now it’s morphed into exploring ways to use interesting ingredients that are available to me right now. Understanding seasonality has had a huge influence on me.”

Edwards’ love affair with Southern cuisine first began when she moved to Atlanta in 2014 and served as executive sous chef at Watershed on Peachtree. There, she was exposed to both Creole-style Southern food as well as more modern takes on traditional Southern flavor profiles.

Previously, Edwards worked for chef Stephanie Izard at Girl and the Goat in Chicago as a line cook and then sous chef, where she developed the skills to feed 350-600 guests every evening in an extremely fast-paced environment. Prior to Girl and the Goat, she was a line cook at Café Boulud in West Palm Beach, Florida. Her time in Florida also included two years working for Michelle Bernstein at Sra. Martinez and Michy’s.

Her earliest career experience, after earning her culinary arts degree and a Bachelor of Science in culinary nutrition from Johnson and Wales University, was with Operation Frontline Colorado/Share Our Strength in Denver. During this time, she organized and taught cooking and nutrition classes throughout the state while also working at The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa. But once she experienced the energy of a restaurant kitchen, she never looked back.

Edwards currently lives in Marietta with her husband Chris, who is also a chef, their dog and two cats.



Adam began his schooling as a History major, with the intentions of going to law school. He quickly realized the error of his ways and found himself as a food runner/server at Cakes & Ale in Decatur, GA. Eventually he became the General Manager of that restaurant and realized his passion for service.

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Adam’s passion for food began when he was very young. His mother was a caterer, his father knew his way around a kitchen, too. They are both fantastic cooks of international and domestic cuisine. Adam’s desire to impress with service, plating, and the overall experience is what drives him to excel in the food service industry. Adam’s goal is for every guest to leave happy, to build a team with that same goal in mind, who have the same passion for food and service, and who work together. Have fun, work hard, and love food!